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Can you please answer this question using an Excel file? Thank you! 1. EBIT and setting the price A group of venture investors is considering putting money into Lemma Books, which wants to produce a new reader for electronic books. The variable cost per unit is estimated at $250, the sales price would be set at twice the VC/unit, fixed costs are estimated at $750,000, and the investors will put up the funds if the project is likely to have an operating income of $500,000 or more. What sales volume would be required in order to meet this profit goal? 2. Cash conversion cycle Zervos Inc. had the following data for 2008 (in millions). The new CFO believes (1) that an improved inventory management system could lower the average inventory by $4,000, (2) that improvements in the credit department could reduce receivables by $2,000, and (3) that the purchasing department could negotiate better credit terms and thereby increase accounts payable by $2,000. Furthermore, she thinks that these changes would not affect either sales or the costs of goods sold. If these changes were made, by how many days would the cash conversion cycle be lowered? Original Revised Annual sales: unchanged $110,000 $110,000 Cost of goods sold: unchanged $80,000 $80,000 Average inventory: lowered by $4,000 $20,000 $16,000 Average receivables: lowered by $2,000 $16,000 $14,000 Average payables: increased by $2,000 $10,000 $12,000 Days in year 365 365


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