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Required Readings** During the first week of the...




Required Readings** During the first week of the module, 1. Read pages 260-372 in Shaw and Barry . 2. The following articles from Global Issues in Context, "Automobile Emissions": -- "After Bailout, Detroit owes US fuel efficiency" 3. The following article from Global Issues in Context, "Tragedy of the Commons": --"The Tragedy of the Commons" Environmental Issues: Essential Primary Sources, 2006. 4. The following articles/podcasts from Global Issues in Context, "Global Warming": --Global Warming Seen as a Major Problem Around the World Less Concern in the U.S., China and Russia. Pew Global Attitudes Project, April 1, 2010. --"Software Calculates City-Specific Carbon Footprint" (podcast) 5. The following podcasts from Global Issues in Context: --Fracking Activists Try To Sway New York Governor CuomoMorning Edition, August 29, 2012. --Experts: Some fracking critics use bad science..Business Top Stories from The Associated Press (AP), July 22, 2012. 6. The following article/podcast from Global Issues in Context, "Sweatshops": --Better a low-paid worker than a starving one. The Times (London, England), Feb 3, 2012. --Apple, Foxconn To Improve Factory Conditions. Morning Edition, March 30, 2012. 7. The following article/podcast from Global Issues in Context, "Workers' Rights and Labor Unions": --Enough with this union monopoly of the public sector: Time to contract out. Gwyn Morgan. Globe & Mail (Toronto, Canada), July 20, 2009. --Which Workers Need Unions, And Which Don't?, Talk of the Nation, Sept 3, 2012. **THESE READINGS/RESOURCES ARE FOR BOTH THE ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT AND WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT IN THIS MODULE Answer the following questions, drawing upon the assigned readings and resources and using specific examples from those readings and resources to illustrate and explain your thoughts. In answering these questions, please follow this format: --write out the question and then provide your response. --when you reference (name) a theory, cite your source using the APA in--text citation style. --you must cite sources and provide bibliographic reference at the end of the assignment. For an example of how to format this correctly, go to the Course Information module, click on Course Readings and Materials and see the correct style for the textbook. The Shaw & Barry (2013) text is your primary resource in this course. Assigned questions: Current news and politics is full of concern about the environment, particularly as it is related to oil use and the auto industry. There are a number of ethical considerations that arise out of these issues. Please be sure to answer ALL of the following questions: Some propose that these concerns could be alleviated if our use of cars was limited by increased gasoline taxes--if gas is more expensive, we will use less of it and, as a beneficial by-product, improve the environment. What do you think of this proposal and what theory would support your position? Are there injustices built into such measures? If so, is there any practical way to avoid them? What about the possibility that the US auto industry, encouraged by its partial owner, the US government, will no longer produce large gas guzzlers (think Hummer) or will subsidize hybrid or green cars? Is it ethical for the government to essentially prevent a US company from producing a legal good or encourage a company to produce one good over another? What ethical theory supports your position? What are the possible ethical considerations of banning or restricting the developing world's access to the same cheaper technologies (fluorocarbons, coal burning plants, etc.) that made the US what it is today? Finally, the world today is full of news about fracking, the process by which a high volume of liquid is pumped into the ground to fracture rock and extract natural gas. What are the ethical considerations of either permitting or prohibiting property owners from using their property in this manner? REMEMBER, YOU MUST USE YOUR SELECTED THEORY TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION AND SHOULD SPECIFICALLY USE FACTS AND INFORMATION FROM THE READINGS AND RESOURCES TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION. Make sure that you have adequately dealt with all the subtleties of the particular theory. The answers to these questions can be found in the text but merely quoting from the text or paraphrasing the text will earn minimal credit--the answers should be in your own words and should involve some explanation and discussion of what these concepts mean.


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