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Study the case "Agile Electric: quality issues in...




Study the case "Agile Electric: quality issues in a global supply chain" from your HBS pack. Read the case quickly to identify the protagonists and the broad issues. Are there any data appendices to consider? Re-read the case carefully and make margin notes. Write a report of no less than 3 pages and no more than 5 pages, addressing the following: 1. Should the complete recall/field failure and associated costs be charged to the tiered suppliers? 2. Was Automek's decision to source the business from Agile a good one? Did Agile make the right call in accepting the contract? 3. Do you see internal quality practices as having a major role in the case, considering all the supply chain members? Are ISO 9000 and TS 16949 necessary and sufficient conditions for adequate process knowledge and diffusion of internal quality practices? 4. Would Agile receive any benefits if it invested resources in developing its suppliers? Who is responsible for accelerating the implementation of quality practices in lower-tier suppliers? Why were ECPL and BIPL not interested in improving their processes and manufacturing practices? Your report should contain a well-written executive summary. This will serve as cover to your work and does not count towards the total number of pages. Please place your full name on the executive summary. Use font Times New roman, size 11 or 12, margins of 1' all around, and submit your assignment in pdf format.


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