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Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoin...




Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) for the board of directors and stockholders in which you do the following: Note: The slides in your presentation should include only the main points you wish to make, with more extensive information included in the presenter notes section of the presentation. 1. Describe the impact the company strategy had on your functional area in the simulation. 2. Reflect on the decisions that were made in the simulation by doing the following: Note: Your reflection may include graphs and other data. a. Discuss decisions that you would change. b. Discuss decisions that had a positive impact. 3. Present your strategic outlook for your functional area in the simulation. a. Recommend future decisions for your functional area in the simulation. B. Submit the attached ?Assignment Designation Form.? C. Discuss the overall performance of the business compared to competitors using the financial reports from the simulation by doing the following: Note: The financial reports should be included as supplementary documentation but will not be evaluated. 1. Analyze the following financial statistics: ? Return on sales (ROS) ? Return on assets (ROA) ? Return on equity (ROE) ? Sales ? Profits 2. Analyze the financial standing of the company based on the following data: ? Cash flow statement ? Balance sheet ? Income statements 3. Analyze the company?s stock price. D. If you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.,it is preferable to let me know by tonight if you can do the task or not. Thank you


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