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Choose one of the following prompts. These are comparative essays, which means you will compare and contrast how multiple texts treat a common theme. Successful essays will contain the following elements: Introduction: A good introductory paragraph presents the topic you will be writing on, supplies important background information, and gives a strong impression of why your topic is important and how you plan on discussing it. Thesis: A thesis is the main argument of an essay. All theses should be original and arguable, meaning that it could be conceivable that someone could argue against your thesis. For example ?Boyhood is an important theme in ?Araby? is not a strong thesis because that is obvious. A better thesis would make one key argument about what Joyce has to say about boyhood in ?Araby? or your interpretation of what he says. The rest of your paper should then be devoted to defending your thesis with supporting arguments, factual information (such as quotes) and analysis. Supporting Paragraphs: Each subsequent paragraph should contain one supporting argument aimed at convincing people that your thesis is correct. In a literary essay, all supporting paragraphs need quotations from the text in order to back up their claims. Successful papers analyze their quotes, meaning that they argue how the author?s precise use of language is meant to convey an idea that supports what you are arguing. Conclusion: A concluding paragraph wraps up your essay. You can reiterate your thesis and your main supporting arguments briefly in a way that makes your argument memorable to the reader. Think about the final impression you want to make on the reader and what you want them to take away from your essay. All papers must be double spaced, 12 point times new roman font with 1 inch margins. Use MLA citation for all quotes. Any outside information beyond the anthology or my online books must be cited. All papers must be a minimum of 1,000 words. The final copy is due, submitted online by 11 PM on Friday, October 3rd. Late papers will be penalized 10% for each period of 24 hours for which they are late. A one hour late paper will still be considered late and lose 10%. Papers over five days late will receive no credit. Topic 1: Coming of Age: Boyhood and Girlhood. For the past two weeks, we have examined the theme of coming of age in stories about young boys and young girls. In this essay, I would like you to compare one of the boyhood stories ?Araby? or ?Barn Burning? to one of the narratives of girlhood, ?Death By Landscape? or ?Two Kinds?. Pick one theme within the topic of coming of age that both texts engage and write a compare/contrast essay that examines how each author features the topic. Consider how differences in gender, culture, historical era, and location may impact the way this theme develops in the story. It is not enough to simply argue, ?both authors talk about coming of age in interesting ways.? Instead, you need to find a crucial detail within the coming of age story that both narratives share and then compare how the authors depict it. Topic 2: Putting the ?Fun? Back in ?Dysfunctional Families? Several of the stories we have read feature strained or outright abusive family relationships. Choose two stories and write an essay that compares how two authors depict relationships within the family. Think about the exploitative, abusive, or less than loving elements of the family dynamic within the story. What might be the author?s perspective on the family and what might they be trying to communicate via the way they depict the family? For this essay, you will need to pick one common feature about the family dynamic that the two stories share and then compare how each author engages that feature. Consider how differences in gender, culture, historical era, and location may impact the way this theme develops in the story. You may choose any two of the following, ?The Yellow Wallpaper?, ?The Metamorphosis?, ?Two Kinds?, ?Death By Landscape?, ?Araby?, or ?Barn Burning?. Topic 3: Poetry, You pick the theme! For this essay, you can choose any three poems we have read and construct an essay on any common theme that you believe the three poems share. You will construct a thesis on that theme that illustrates what can be learned about that theme via reading these three poems and then you will analyze how each of the poems engages that theme differently. Some themes we have engaged in these poems include, race, death, aging, beauty, time, etc. If you write about poetry, you must include textual analysis that shows how the use of literary devices advances the poet?s point about your theme.


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