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Case Study Read the Waste Management Case Study....




Case Study Read the Waste Management Case Study. After reviewing the case and studying Chapter 3, respond to the following four questions in an essay (introduction, body, and conclusion) format. Grading will be based on your ability to incorporate core ideas from the textbook and your ability to respond to each question in a detailed and structured manner. Case Study Questions Note: Minimum word count for each question is 350 to 400 words. 1. List and explain three key lessons you have learned based on the review of the Waste Management Case Study and Chapter 3 of the textbook. 2. Conduct an external environmental analysis of this case. List and explain the general and specific factors found in the case, and provide an example for each type. 3. An increasing interest in recycling on behalf of consumers and companies is an example of changing sociocultural and political and legal views in relation to the general environment. Based on the details of the case, the high cost of collecting and sorting recyclable materials means that Waste Management loses money when it recycles the items. What can the company do to meet increased customer expectations on one hand, while still earning a profit on high cost recycled materials? 4. To improve its public image, how should Waste Management deal with advocacy groups? If you were given the opportunity, what two recommendations would you make to Waste Management's management on this topic?


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