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Criteria This course project requires organizing,...




Criteria This course project requires organizing, mapping, and analyzing a business process for an organization. 1. Compare and contrast two project management programs. 2. Given a specific change management program for a specific company/industry, map and describe the business analysis process that should be followed for successful outcomes. ? Papers must be 12-15 pages in length. ? Follow APA format for title page, reference page, appendix, citations, etc. ? At least six authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or Web pages are not acceptable). ? The paper will be graded on quality of research, quality of paper information, use of citations, grammar, and sentence structure. Paper Outline ? Executive Summary ? Business Problem Review ? Analytical Plan ? Elicitation Techniques ? Requirements ? Communication ? Enterprise Analysis ? Requirements Analysis ? Solution Assessment and Validation ? Techniques ? Recommendations ? Conclusion ? Appendix


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