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PROJECT OVERVIEW You are to research and obtain...




PROJECT OVERVIEW You are to research and obtain real-world company data which you will integrate into a business presentation. Select one of the categories of business communication listed below as the focus of your presentation. The Business Data Integration Handout offers some specific examples of data you may wish to include for each category. You must obtain approval if you would like to select a category not represented here. Stockholder update Human Resource Benefit update Competitive analysis Create a 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that integrates data from Word and Excel and includes a minimum of three of the following computer application features: PowerPoint objects Hyperlinks Graphs Charts Advanced 3-D charts Smart Art Formulas Tables Pivot tables Your presentation must also include the following: A slide listing sources used to conduct your research Notes included in the note section of each slide that provide commentary and context for the information being presented. Somewhere in the presentation (or the notes section) you must cover: Intent of the presentation Intended audience for the presentation Significance of the data collected Summary of findings Description of the value of business applications in creating business efficiencies. Refer to the Course Schedule within the Syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates. DELIVERABLE The project is divided into four parts. Company Selection: In a 1-page Word document, describe the company you have selected for the project. Indicate the category of business communication you intend to create, and discuss the type of business data you will need and where you think you can obtain it. Research and Create Supporting Material: With the company information you collect, create Word and Excel documents representing and tracking appropriate business data. You will submit one Word document and one Excel spreadsheet containing all the information you intend to integrate into your presentation. Summary Outline of Presentation: In a 1-page Word document, provide an outline of your final presentation. Discuss the Microsoft Office 2010 features you have used in preparing your supporting material and what integration features you intend to use in your final presentation. Final Presentation: Submit the final 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes and integrates information from Word and Excel.


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