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I have to write a case study ( in my minor in huma...




I have to write a case study ( in my minor in human resources) , but i first need to do a topic proposal everything is explain in the file that i have attached. I had to be not more than 1 page length, i am leaving it open. The questions could be addressed to anyone, so you can write it like though it was your opinion! :) Provide a 1 - 2 paragraph rationale for choosing this topic then answer the questions below: (It is up to you, you can choose any case study you want ) 1. What is it I am studying? ( It could be any thing it is just to put me on track for my research paper) 2. What is it that I intend to learn from this study? 3. What am I going to do with this newfound knowledge? In the additional information is what is required and examples of case study you may want to choose. Thank you for your help!


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