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You asked: "Balance Sheet and Income statement The fiscal year for honshu ends on may 31, Resulst for the year ended may 31, 21x1 Cash and cash aquipment 35.000 Cost of goods sold 195.000 Inventories 29.000 Other Current assets 6.000 Receivables 22.000 debenturesd 77.000 Researche and development expenses 42.000 Administrative and general expenses 65.000 Other Income -12.000 Capital contruction funds 28.000 Sellind and distribution 41.000 Other Current liabilities 9.000 Treasury Stock -13.000 Long Term investment ? Account payable 19.000 Mortgage bonds 84.000 Deferred income tax liability 12.000 Redeemable preferred stock 15.000 Common stock, at par (50.000 shares) 5.000 Paid in capital in excess of par 102.000 Income Tax expense 49.000 Accrued payable 20.000 Retained income 43.000 Intangible assets 21.000 Prepare in proper form the balance sheet as of may 31 20x1 and the income statement for the year ended may 31 20x1. Include the proper amount for long term investment ",Michael i need this Thanks in advance


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