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REQUIREMENTS Reference financial statement information for Coca-Cola and PepsiCo through the following links: Coca-Cola: PepsiCo: For the years 2009 and 2010: ? Construct common-size income statements and balance sheets for each company; ? Compute financial ratios indicated below for each company; ? Perform computations within the same EXCEL spreadsheet file (you may use separate tabs within the same workbook if you choose, but submit only one file). ? Provide a written summary and conclusions about comparative financial performance or position. I. Financial Statement Computations A. Comparative financial ratio analysis - 1. Current ratio 2. Acid-test ratio 3. Current cash debt coverage ratio 4. Receivable turnover 5. Inventory turnover 6. Asset turnover 7. Profit margin on sales 8. Rate of return on assets 9. Rate of return on common stock equity 10. Earnings per share 11. Price-earnings ratio 12. Dividend payout ratio 13. Debt to total assets 14. Times interest earned 15. Cash debt coverage ratio 16. Book value per share B. Common-size analysis (vertical percentage) financial statements - Income statement and balance sheet only II. Summary and Conclusions Briefly evaluate the relative financial strengths and weaknesses of each company with respect to the ratio and commons-size analysis. Your summary should not exceed 2 pages - 18 points.


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