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Raymond exchanges a rental lake house with an adju...




Raymond exchanges a rental lake house with an adjusted basis of 200,000 and fair market value of 320,000 for a rental beach house with a fair market value of 290,000 and 30,000 cash what are the recognized gain or loss and the basis of the beach house? a-o gain and 230,000 basis b-30,000 gian and 200,000 basis c-30,0000 gain and 230,000 basis d-120,000 gain and 320,000 basis,Enter your follow up question here...,mibarrola to: Ibarrola, Maria 06/28/2012 02:59 PM Please respond to mibarrola,8284863,8284864,82856978285699,8286539,8286561,8289016,8286561,8290917,8291290 THESE THE QID NUMBERS I NEED THE CORRECT ANSWER. REGARDS.,Dear Tutor I still not see my answer for QIDs 8284864,8287757 I need these answer ASP to take my test.


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