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5. Refer to the Consolidated Balance Sheet and Not...




5. Refer to the Consolidated Balance Sheet and Note 1?Description of Business and Accounting Policies as they relate to investment activities. The notes clearly specify how accounts for various investing activities. a. On the Balance Sheet, which line items include Short-term investments? Which line item includes Equity-method investments? b. Assume that ?Marketable Securities? on the balance sheet contain investments that are accounted for as trading securities. The ending balance in 2010 is $4,985 million. Suppose that during 2010, sells off $1,000 million of these investments, and purchases additional investments at a cost of $1,218. What other transaction or adjustment should have occurred to arrive at the ending balance of $4,307 million? Requirement 5: Answer question (a) briefly. For question (b), create a T-Account for the marketable securities. Clearly label the beginning and ending balances and the effects of transactions during 2011 on this account. Link for Description of Business and Accounting Policies.


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