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I need answers for 3,23 and 27 of this document....




I need answers for 3,23 and 27 of this document. Stat 430 CH5-prob-supp,You keep saying that but it is pretty self explanatory. It is in reference to the document you already have posted called CH5-prob-supp. Any ways i have submitted these for the second time.,In regards to the last request. With problems 3,23 and 27. I no longer need problem 27. If you can get me the answers to problems 3 and 23 only i will be very grateful. Thanks,Thank you so much for your help with the last questions. I have added a quiz that i have to redo and turn in soon. Any help given will be greatly appreciated. Please see attached document.,Oh im sorry. Im still learning my way around in this website.


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