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Attached is an Excel sheet of 11 questions. If you...




Attached is an Excel sheet of 11 questions. If you accept this assignment, please do everything you can and send in by the deadline. Its due tonight.,I think number 5 is a general question but I attached the data anyway. 6 and 7 do not have data. They are just general questions. Here is question 8. 8. The EMV of developing the new battery is 300,000. Based on EMV, SE should develop the battery. For what values of P=PROB (success) does developing the battery have a lower EMV than not developing the battery? a. P is less than 25% b. None of the above There were other options but they weren't correct so I didn't include them in the question. The other options were c. P is greater than 25% and d. P is less than 75%


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