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thanks you have been a great help. I cannot afford...




thanks you have been a great help. I cannot afford that much, $40 is really strching myself, the most I can do is $50 thanks. the last solution was incomplete. Can you please let me know how many questions you can solve for $50.,I will get back to you later. I will call off work today. if i work for the whole day, I will not make $150. I would rather just not go at all.,I cannot afford to solve only 9 questions for $50, can you solve all problems for $80, that is as much as I make in day, otherwise I will have to spend the whole day on finding the solution. Pls let me know as soon as possible, to know if I can go to work ofr call off.,pls I am awaiting your response,I will increase to $100 but the deadline is today by 6:00pm. Pls let me know if you can assist. I will resubmit now but if you cannot meet the deadline of 6:00pm, the solution will no longer be useful to me. Thanks


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