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A market researcher wants to study the television...




A market researcher wants to study the television viewing habits of a particular small city. A sample of 40 adult residents is asked to record their television viewing in one week. The results are: Viewing time: = 15.3 hours, S = 3.8 hours. 27 respondents watched the evening news every weeknight. (a) Set up a 90% confidence interval estimate for the average weekly viewing time. Write a sentence to explain the meaning of your answer. (b) Test at the 5% level whether there is evidence that more than half of the city?s adult residents watch the evening news every weeknight. Null hypothesis: Alternative hypothesis: p-value: Conclusion: (c) Suppose that a national census later finds that the national average amount of television watched by adults is 16.1 hours per week, and that 48.7% watch the national news every weeknight. In what ways, if any, does this particular city differ from the nation as a whole in its viewing habits? (d) What important assumptions are needed to ensure the viability of the analyses?,Hi there, I really appreciate your help. I am a new member to course hero and the question is due today. Thanks again :),Thank You Natalia. Your help is much appreciated. Regards, Francis,Hi there, is there any possibility that it could be done before the deadline?,Possibly by 1/24/2012 8:00 PM ? Your help is much appreciated.,Sorry to bug you but it is very urgent. Thank You lots for your help so far :) Regards, Francis,Thank You.,HI there, Thank You for answering the other question. if it maybe easier for you, i'm attaching the question in word. Regards, Francis


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