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As mentioned previously, you will complete a proje...




As mentioned previously, you will complete a project that requires you to pose a research question that can be answered using a t-test (t-tests analyze quantitative data). The project requires you to collect and analyze data to answer your research question and then turn-in a report on your analysis. Do not be concerned that you do not know much about t-tests, your studies will cover them next week. Be sure to read all the information pertaining to the t-Test Course Project in the files below. The first file contains complete instructions for the project (in case you want to read ahead). The second has project examples and the third is the project rubric. Remember, Module 5 and Course Specific Resources contain the presentation that gives some data sources and other examples of projects students at other schools have completed. Although you are not required to turn in your project plan at this time, if you have an idea you would like to explore or if you have come across an interesting set of data, ask your instructor if it would be suitable for the project.


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