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Assignment 2,Tutor what was the answer for C. You are responsible for planning the parking needed for a new 256-unit apartment complex, and you're told to base the needs on the statistic "average number of vehicles per household is 1.9." (a) Which average (mean, median, mode, midrange) will be helpful to you? a.mean/??Ans b.median c.mode d.midrange (b) Explain why 1.9 cannot be the median, the mode, or the midrange for the variable "number of vehicles." a.Midrange, median, and mode are all numbers containing 0.5 in them. b.Midrange, median, and mode are all whole numbers. c.Median and midrange either contain 0.5 or are whole numbers. Mode is a whole number?ANS. (c) If the owner wants parking that will accommodate 85% of all the tenants who own vehicles, how many spaces must you plan for? What is the answer for this question,Tutor, Please verify that the KSP table and anwers are correct. It was hard to read and I just want to make sure that the table is the same tablethat was orginally sent to you.,I am talking about question # 3. I just need for you to claify that this is the table you used in the orginal attachment as it was electronically submiited and the return answer does not allow me to see all the numbers is the KSP table. If the attached matches the orginal table, than the answers should be ok. I retyped it for better viewing.,Natalia. Please recalculate problem 2.C, 11A, 13 A These were wrong, one more chance to get them right


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