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PART II: Imagine that you are a manager at a de...




PART II: Imagine that you are a manager at a delivery service and you are creating a report to project the effects on your company of rising gas prices in the next ten years. Using the preceding statistical analysis as your basis to support your claims. Include the following considerations: Introduce the project and its significance to the company. Explain the statistical analysis that you completed in Part I. Be sure to explain where the data came from, what analysis was done, and what the results were. Give conclusions that you have drawn from the data. Consider the effects of your gas price predictions on the delivery business. Also consider whether or not you believe your predicted gas prices are accurate. What could occur in the future that would change your linear regression line and therefore your prediction? ",I think I just sent you both of the attachments for part 1 that you completed and sent to me, but i am not sure if they went through or not. did you receive them? One is a word document and one is an excel document


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