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About Regression Modelling questions. The textbook...




About Regression Modelling questions. The textbook I used is "Applied Regression Analysis, 3rd Edition" by Norman R. Draper and Harry Smith. The PDF of the questions and the text book will be attached. Chapter 1: Fitting a Straight Line by Least Squares, Sections 1.1?1.5 , Chapter 2: Checking the Straight Line Fit, Sections 2.1?2.6 and Chapter 4: Regression in Matrix Terms: Straight Line Case, Sections 4.1?4.5 maybe helpful for you. The class notes will also be attached to help you answer the questions. Thanks. If you can't answer the questions, please tell me earlily, because this assignment is very important for me, so I can find others for help. Thank you very much.


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