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The update to the task force report on blood pressur control in children [14] reported the observed 90th percentile of SBP in single years of age from age 1-17 based on prior studies. The data for the boys of average height are given in table 11.21. Suppose we seek a more efficient way to display the data and choose linear regression to accomplish this task. Fit a regression line relating age to SBP using the table below. 11.19) Provide a 95% CI for the parameters of the regression line. 11.20) What is the predicted blood pressure for an average 13 year old boy as estimated from the regression line? 11.21) What is the standard error of the estimate in problem 11.20? **11.22) Answer problems 11.20 and 11.21 for a 17 year old boy. Need 11.22 answered.,Willing to increase pay to have this answered by 9 pm tonight.


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