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1)For multiple sclerosis patients we wish to estim...




1)For multiple sclerosis patients we wish to estimate the mean age at which the disease was first diagnosed. We want a 90% confidence interval that is 8 years wide. If the population variance is estimated to be 85 from previous research, how large a sample should be taken? 2)Planning Parenthood ?, a national organization that assists teenage mothers with pregnancy, estimates that approximately 37% of the women coming into the center had contracted a sexually transmitted infection. They wish to plan a study to obtain a more statistically relevant estimate. How many samples are required if we wish a 95% confidence interval that is within 0.03 of the true population proportion? 3)How many samples would be required if we wished to obtain the maximum possible number of samples needed (i.e., we do not want to rely on the 37% estimate from above) with a 95% confidence and 0.03 error?


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