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Please see attached (multiple regression). I will...




Please see attached (multiple regression). I will need answers that show work and how results were rationalized or obtained! Many thanks, Kevin King,I please need some followup. The portions I would like you to review are highlighted in my work. Please see below for specifics. I agree completely with you on question 1. However, in question 2, part 1, I believe you are reading SSE wrong, which is shown by using the s given in the output to figure out s-squared (please see my work). In question 3, parts 2 and 3, you did not use the t statistic to test all the coefficients at both alphas of 0.05 and 0.01 as stated in the problem. Also note that using my work in question 3 part 4, I find using the t-test that both variables are deemed significant, while using p-values fails to reject the null hypothesis in one case. I cannot figure out how to resolve this issue!! Also I note that you appear to be using incorrect t-values; in multiple regression, the t-tests are always two-tailed, and what I understand is that we look up values for t(alpha/2)!! Thus, in question 3 parts 5 and 6 I get different answers since we are using different t values. Can you tell me if I am missing something?? Finally, in question 4 part C we get completely different answers. Note that your confidence & prediction intervals are the same, which cannot be the case (PI should be larger). Please take a look at my work and see if you agree. See attached for my work. Thanks much, Regards, Kevin King,By Saturday night, 10 Dec, at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Thanks, Kevin King


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