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You can open document to get the data you need...i...




You can open document to get the data you need...if there are any issues please do not hesistate to contact me.,Also, after verifying the results of the document number5.pdf I have found that number 1 question 2, number 2 question 1&2, and number 5 question 1&2 not to be correct either....I also need those re-checked,I do appreciate your efforts, please do not take it just may have missed something that threw off your values, I do understand that you work very hard!,Question 2. Fill in the correct number in the following statement (use 2 decimal places in your answer): The least squares line says that, in each county, Buchanan received about percent of the vote that Nader received, starting from a base of 50.3 votes. For this question I just think that it was over looked....I needed to know what percent of the votes did Buchanan received,Natalia, that is not correct...if you go to the document stats3.xps Number 9 question #2 it is VERY CLEAR that is a question that I had originally sent that wasn't answered...please re-visit the document and then check what you sent....the answer to the question is not present.


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