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Hello, Can you provide solutions for the follow...




Hello, Can you provide solutions for the following document attached?,Hi Thank you for your message. I do apologize for my delay in response. In regards to the two questions asked, it is asking for the following; (1) Explain how each of the above variances could be explained. Variance: Materials Price Variance Stated as: Per ounce price Result: Favorable Variance: Materials Quantity Variance Stated as: Ounce per unit Result: Unfavorable Variance: Labor Rate Variance Stated: as Per hour Result: Unfavorable Variance : Labor Efficiency Variance Stated as :Time per unit Result: Favorable (2) Explain how the variances could explain the following situations: Scrap Material decreased Return Orders increased Rework Time decreased Average Unit Cost increased Unexpected Downtime increased Sales was less than budgeted Volume-related revenue was less than anticipated (in this instance the company is selling multiple products) Based on the answer you have provided me the information requested above was not included. Is there any way that you can include the information in the answered question? I look forward to your response. And thanks again for all your help!


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