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1. Does the report include any descriptive statist...




1. Does the report include any descriptive statistics? Do these statistics sufficiently describe the major characteristics of the researchers data set? 2. Were indices of central tendency and variability provided in the report? 3. Were any risks indices included? Were the correct descriptive statistics used? (was mean used when a median would have been more apporpriate?) 4. Does the report include any inferential statistics? What statistical tests were used? Were the tests parametric or non-parametric? 5. Does it appear the researchers chose the appropriate tests? Does the report contain sufficient information for you to judge whether appropriate statistics were used? Are the interpretations consistent with the results? Do the interpretations give due condideration to the limitatiosn of the study? Are the results resulted (a) interms of conceptual framework, and (b) in light of findings from other studies? Does the report address the generalizability of the findings? Did the researchers discuss the implications for clinical practice or further inquiry? If so, are those implications reasonable and complete?,Thank you, I look forward in hearing from you! I am working on other parts, these are the ones I had the most problems with. Thank you, Heather,Just checking to see how things are going? Heather


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