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".) On June 1, A and B form a partnership. A contr...




".) On June 1, A and B form a partnership. A contributes $500,000 in cash and B contributes $100,000 in cash; a Maserati appraised at &178,000; equipment valued at &133,000; a building appraised at %200,000 and a solid brass espresso maker valued at $33,000. 2.) Depreciable items have no salvage value and are depreciated straight-line over 10 years. 3.) June 3- Purchased $5,000 supplies for cash. The accountant recoreded $5,000 CR to supplies and $5,000 CR to cash. The accounting system did not have sufficient controls in place to prevent this entry.At June 30 supplies inventory was $1,000. 4.) June 7- Paid wages for work June 1-5 (3 employees @ $200/day). The payroll recurs June 14, June 21 and June 28. At June 30, the employees have earned pay for June 29 and June 30. 5.) June 8- Received a bill for painting the office from Brighpaints for $4,000 due July 8 2/10/n30 6.) June 8 purchased 2,800 widget @ $100 per widget on account with terms of 5/15/n60. The invoice is paid on the last day of the discount period and the discount taken. 7.) June 13- Sold 600 widgets at $138 each 8.) June 15 returned 833 defective widgets for full refund and accepted a $ 2,000 credit for another 500 widgets that were a bit off-color. 9.) June 18-Sold 300 widgets for cash @ $195 each. 10.) June 21- Sold 300 off-color widgets for cash @ $68 each. 11.) June 22- Sold 750 widgets on account 2/12/n 30 @ $111 each. The customer typically takes advantage of the discount. 12.) June 24- Purchased 3000 widgets for the same price and on the same terms as before. 13.) June 27- A withdraws $33,000 to purchase season tickets for 20 to the DASH- home games only; 2 foot-long hot dogs per person per game included in the price. 14.) June 28- Not to be outdone, B withdraws $34,000 to purchase a 98" HDTV (2233 pixels) to watch the DASH home games in her apartment on DISH TV and share the occasions with 22 friends. Catering of hot chicken wings, cheese grits and peanut butter pie by the Lighthouse Restaurant will be abailable each game day. 15.) June 29- Paid monthly rent on A&B Widget warehouse - $6,000 1. Draw T accounts where possible/relevant 2. Prepare J/E for each of the transactions 3. Transfer the J/E to ledger accounts (make up a simple Chart of Accounts and use the numbers in the ledger Accts and J/E). 4. Close the books for June. Prepare unadjusted TB, adjustments, adjusted TB, post closing TB and financial statments. The partners, A and B, split profits/losses equally." " " ",can i get the answer please?,may I get the complete answer?


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