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I have a data project that needs a series of quest...




I have a data project that needs a series of questions answered based off of data already collected. These are the rules and guide lines as well as questions: I want you to analyze the data contained in the spreadsheet for your final project which is to answer these questions below. Please note that the data has been changed slightly from what you gave me to protect everyone's privacy. Before you start your analysis, you should always check the data for errors and consistency. You want every column to have numbers that are in the same measurement (minutes or hours) and you want to be sure that there are no errors in the data (columns that should have a number have a word instead). When you find errors, you should give it your best guess and correct it. Please remember that SPSS does not recognize words as data. For the columns that have words you should give each word a numeric code (1 for yes, 2 for no) and note your codes somewhere on the spreadsheet so you can enter them into SPSS in the values area of the variable portion of the data. The first few questions define what type of analysis must be done. The last few questions, you chose the type of analysis that bests answers the question. You should choose the type of analysis according to what you have learned from the book. Please use SPSS as much as possible. When you are finished with the analysis, write down or type the answer to each question and submit it. I do not wish to see the SPSS output or the spreadsheet again. When you write down the answers, use APA style formatting and use full sentences. The APA formatting for statistical reporting can be found at this website- I will answer questions about the assignment but I cannot answer questions about which analyses to do or how to correct errors in the data. 1. What is the median age of the class? 2. What is the mean commute time to class? 3. What is the average number of hours worked? 4. Overall, what is the average number of hours studied in the class? 5. Is the age of the student related to the number of hours they study? 6. What is the most common "quality rating" of study time? 7.Is the grade affected significantly by either the student's age or the number of hours studied? 8. Is the students? grade related to the number of hours worked? 9. do the students who have children get significantly different grades from the students who do not have children? 10. Is a person's willingness to eat breakfast related to their sandwich spread preference?


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