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The following transactions and events occurred in...




The following transactions and events occurred in Lanesburg Township in 20x7 1: The township assembly agreed that a new police and fire department building would be constructed at a cost not to exceed $1,500,000, on land owned by the township 2: Cash with which to finance the project was received from the following sources: Transfer from General Fund: $100,000 State-Federal Grant: 500,000 Bank of Lanesburg (long-term note): 900,000 Total: $1,500,000 The state federal grant is for 1/3 of the project cost, not to exceed $500,000, and any unearned balance must be returned to the state. 3: Cash was disbursed for building projects from the Capital Projects Fund as follows: Construction Contract: $1,400,000 Architect Fees: 50,000 Engineering Charges: 20,000 Total: 1,470,000 The unearned portion of the grant was refunded to the state, the remaining cash was transferred to the General Fund, and the Capital Projects Fund was terminated. Required: Prepare general journal entries to record the foregoing facts in the Capital Projects Fund general ledger, assume that the budgetary and subsidiary accounts are not used.


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