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The data below are taken from the financial statem...




The data below are taken from the financial statements of the Buena Vista Corporation: Income Statement: 2011 Net income $900,000 Depreciation expense 270,000 Amortization of goodwill 90,000 Gain on sale of machinery 180,000 Balance Sheet: 12/31/11 12/31/10 Accounts receivable $670,000 $575,000 Inventory 980,000 818,000 Prepaid expenses 45,000 70,000 Accounts payable 750,000 680,000 Accrued expenses payable 360,000 408,000 Complete the partial statement of cash flows for the year ended December 31, 2011, showing the computation of net cash flow from operating activities by the indirect method:,Thanks for your support. I am puzzeled with this one.,Thanks Michael. Appreciate your help. Steve


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