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Need help with this last excel sheet. There are mu...




Need help with this last excel sheet. There are multiple tabs that I need help with. here is what it reads: For the final assessment, complete the Comprehensive Problem: Miller Design Studio on pages 177-179 in your text. Note the following clarification for the instructions to the assignment: ?Under the first requirement at the bottom of page 178, you are directed to look at pages 116 and 119 for the adjusting entries to be reversed. These should be pages 112 and 115 respectively. ?Under the August 8th transaction listing in the middle of page 178, the instructions are confusing and incorrect. They should state: "Completed the series of designs that began on July 31 for which $1,400 cash was received in advance on July 19. The accrued revenues were adjusted on July 31st for the $800 of work that was completed and accepted during July."


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