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Instructions: Complete each of the following four...




Instructions: Complete each of the following four problems using the TVOM calculations within Excel. The assignment MUST be done on an Excel spreadsheet (you will need to create your own spreadsheet) and MUST use TVOM calculations within Excel. These functions are under the Fx button in Excel, then look under the Financial Functions. The Fx Function is located just above the actual number section of your spreadsheet, right above the B or C column in most blank spreadsheets and most versions of Excel. Just click on the Fx button and then search for the specific function (present value, future value, etc., whatever you are trying to calculate). If you do not use the Excel functions you will lose 4 out of the 5 points on this assignment. Getting EACH answer correct using the spreadsheet function = 4 points. Having good presentation = 1 point. If you get the answers correct and have a good presentation, but you do NOT use the EXCEL TVOM functions, you will get 1 point. Problem 1: What is the present value of: a. $9,000 in 7 years at 8 percent? b. $20,000 in 5 years at 10 percent? c. $10,000 in 25 years at 6 percent? d. $1,000 in 50 years at 16 percent?


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