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I cannot allow another 24 hours. Please submit ASA...




I cannot allow another 24 hours. Please submit ASAP. I need this tonight!!!!!,I really need your help. I can allow another 5 or 6 hours because the team is waiting for my portion. I appreciate any help and RESPONSE you can give. I tried to contact you to make sure things were going ok but no reply. We need to communicate in order to get this thing done. Thank you!,Are you getting these messages? I have used other sites and it shows when a message has been read. I can't see anywhere on this site that can tell me that unless you reply. Thanks. AGAIN, THE PORTION I NEED IS NOT THE 700 - ? WORDS. MY PORTION SHOULD ONLY BE 150 - 200 WORDS USING THE SECTION "OTHER PERTINENT DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION",It has been 3 hours since my last sent message. Will you please send me a quick response?,please do not skip this. It is only 150-200 words. I will extend the time if to tomorrow around 3:00 PM CST. Please help!!!,The whole team is struggling with this paper so the extra time needed is okay! Please!,Will the additional time help? Please.,Please respond!,Well the question hasn't been denied yet so I guess there is still the possibility that you are going to work on this. If you would like I can attach a copy of what we have for the paper so far.,Here is how the paper is coming along so far. I just need help with the one little section.,Are you working on this? I need to know if I need to do this myself. Please respond.


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