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I need answers on the following questions, please include formulas and explanation, so I'll know how to do it. I'll need it by tomorrow night, Thursday May 06/10 1) List Newton's three laws of motion. Explain in your own words what each one means. 2) If ice has a mass density of 0.92g/cm3, What is the volume of 5,000g of ice? 3) What is the mass of gasoline (p=0.680g/cm3) in a 94.6 L gasoline tank? 4) What is the momentum of a 30.0kg shell fired from a cannon with velocity of 500m/s? 5) What tension must a 50.0cm lenght of string support in order to whirl an attached 1,000g stone in a cicular path at 5.00m/s? 6) What is the kinetic energy of a 30.0g bullet that is traveling at 200.0 m/s? 7) Which pair of variables defines motion? A- Speedd and distance B- Time and momentum C- Change of position and passage of time D- Speed and passage of time 8) Which choice below pairs a scientific term with the correct scientific unit? A- Work: Newton B- Power: Joule C- Force: Joule D- Power: Watt 9) One of the following forms of energy can move through the vacuum of outer space without any involvement of matter. A- Radiant B- Mechanical C- nuclear D- Chemical 10) In order for an object to move in a circular path at a constant speed, which set of conditions must be satisfied? A- A force must be applied once to start a circular motion, then the object wil continue in circular path. B- A force must be applied continuously against the object's motion to cause it to turn away into a circular path. C- A force must be applied continuously at right angels to the object's motion to produce a circular path. D- No force need to be applied since speed remains constant. On the other hand I need to submit the following questions in a form of an essay: 1- How does the study of heat relate to the kinetic theory of matter? 2- Wha is the relationship between heat and temperature? How are they different? 3- What are the various properties of a substance that determine its heat capacity? 4- What are the various sources of heat?


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