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1. Collapsible plastic bags are used in hospitals...




1. Collapsible plastic bags are used in hospitals for infusions. We want to use such a bag to infuse an electrolyte solution into the artery of a patient. For this, we mount the bag at a height h above the arm of a patient, as shown in the figure below. Assuming that the average gauge pressure in the artery is 13.3 kPa and the density of the electrolyte solution is 1030 kg/m3, what is the minimum height h in order for the infusion to work? (Hint: You can treat this as a static fluid.) A patient is to be injected with 0.5 L of an electrolyte solution over a time period of 30 minutes. Assuming that the solution is elevated by 1.0 m above the arm and the needle is 2.5 cm long, what inner radius should the needle have? Take the viscosity of the solution to be 1.2 ? 10-3 Ns/m2, and assume the solution is injected into a vein, where the blood pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure. (Hint: Treat the solution as a Newtonian fluid.),Could you please do one more question.,Could you please show all the work for question 2


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