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Samvid2010, can you help out with more 5 more homework questions? This is UC Davis Food Engineering questions. I would like help answering these 5 questions. I need diagrams and step-by-step detailed solutions please! TEXT: Singh, R.P. and Heldman, D.R. Introduction to Food Engineering, Fifth Edition. Academic Press, Inc. San Diego, CA. Available at UCD Bookstore. 2.1 Calculate the Reynolds number for 25C water flow in a 1-in nominal diameter sanitary pipe at 0.5 kg/s. What are the flow characteristics? 2.4 Sulfuric acid with a density of 1980 kg/m3 and a viscosity of 26.7 cP is flowing in a 35-mm-diameter pipe. If the acid flow rate is 1 m3/min, what is the pressure loss due to friction for a 30-m length of smooth pipe? 2.5 Compute the mean and maximum velocities for a liquid with a flow rate of 20 L/min in a 1.5-in nominal diameter sanitary pipeline. The liquid has a density of 1030 kg/m3 and viscosity of 50 cP. Is the flow laminar or turbulent? 2.15 Calculate the viscosity of a fluid that would allow a pressure drop of 35 kPa over a 5-m length of 0.75-in stainless steel sanitary pipe if the fluid is flowing at 0.12 m3/h and has a density of 1010 kg/m3. Assume laminar flow. For problem 2.15, the diameter of the tube is 0.62 inches. 2.16 A 2-cm-diameter, 5-cm-long capillary-tube viscometer is being used to measure viscosity of a 10 Pa s liquid food. Determine the pressure required for measurement when a flow rate of 1 kg/min is desired and ?51000 kg/m3. Additional Requirements Level of Detail: Show all work Other Requirements: I need step-by-step detailed solutions, and diagrams please.


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