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I need these questioned answered today: 1. Why is...




I need these questioned answered today: 1. Why is analysis important to the business function of marketing management? (Points : 1) Analysis helps a firm allocate resources appropriately to control its projects, people, and ideas. Analysis helps define the role, mission, and objectives for which each department is responsible. Analysis uncovers meaningful information that guides marketers toward strategies that leverage internal strengths and external market opportunities. Analysis breaks relevant data into its component parts for examination and evaluation. 2. What is missing from the following media goal statement? ?Advertising in printing trade journals will create increased awareness of PrinTower?s variable data printing equipment.? (Points : 1) Selection of specific media vehicles in which advertising will run. Estimate of spending required to increase awareness among the target audience. Description of the desired target audience by firmographic variables. A measurable statement of a desired outcome to aid calculation of ROMI. 3. Which of the following statements was discussed in Chapter 9 as a benefit of developing and following a written marketing plan? (Points : 1) The company can better decide how to allocate budget dollars across various marketing, finance, and operations tactics. The firm is better prepared to measure effectiveness of its sales force management. The company finds it easier to improve with each iteration of its strategic marketing plan. The organization is better prepared to use the Task-Objective approach to developing the marketing plan. 4. Which answer BEST describes the concept illustrated by the example of Pulling Down the Moon? (Points : 1) Analysis reveals factors that help business planners make choices that lead toward profitable, sustainable growth. Analysis helps a firm choose the value proposition to use in its branding, positioning, and marketing communications. Analysis helps a firm negotiate with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders by quantifying factors affecting decision-making. Analysis can produce systematic information for decision-making but cannot forestall uncontrollable outcomes. 5. Which of the following terms represents the budget allocation method that involves planning marketing actions, followed by estimating costs associated with those actions? (Points : 1) Adaptive Control Task-Objective Affordable Competitive Parity 6. Which answer BEST describes the use of the BCG Matrix as an input to business strategy? (Points : 1) Use of the BCG Matrix helps corporate planners know when to develop distinct corporate strategies for separate SBUs. Use of the BCG Matrix analytic helps marketers assess growth potential among the assets in its business portfolio. Use of the BCG Matrix helps an organization improve its product line management over time through iterative planning cycles. Use of the BCG Matrix assigns SBUs, products, or brands to quadrants based on the amount of cash it requires. 7. What typically differentiates a marketing plan intended for an internal audience from one written for potential investors? (Points : 1) A plan prepared for potential investors will contain more information designed to build confidence in the company?s capacity to succeed. A plan prepared for an internal audience is likely to include more sections on financial performance. A plan prepared for an external audience, such as potential investors, will include more description of the marketing environment and the product/brand. A plan prepared for an internal audience is more likely to be a formal written document designed to track accountability for follow-through. 8. What strategic similarity exists between the Question Marks of the BCG Matrix and the Diversification strategy in Ansoff?s Matrix? (Points : 1) Both always require the most investment of the four strategies in their groups. Both are likely to receive less marketing support due to their inherent risks. Both represent an opportunity to leverage a company?s strengths in the marketplace. Both carry the risk of drawing companies into areas in which they have little expertise. 9. Why should marketers emphasize consistency of marketing communications across all message channels? (Points : 1) Because consumers assemble their own information from the media environment around them. Because few marketers are well-equipped to function in the ?push-and-pull? communication model Because Integrated Marketing Communications requires a tightly-controlled outbound cross- functional marketing program. Because media convergence has created an environment in which more marketing communications are blocked. 10. Which of the following statements was NOT discussed as a success factor in implementation and control? (Points : 1) A company?s decision systems. A company?s channel partners. A company?s judgment of the performance of past tactics. A company?s historical campaign performance.


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