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1. What selling strategy does the company employ?...




1. What selling strategy does the company employ? a. Group of Customers b. Sales Territory c. Individual Customers d. Other 2. Is the company adequately and properly staffed, and if not what can be done to improve their sales force (structure, size, compensation, specialization, etc.)? 3. What training methods does the company employ? Could this training be improved? If they don?t employ training methods, which one(s) would be the most beneficial for the company to use? 4. Does the company differentiate between new hire training and ongoing training? Is there regular new product/service training? 7. What leadership model does the organization follow? Which model should they follow? 8. Are there any evident issues that management needs to address immediately? If so, what are they and how might they be addressed? 9. Are the current compensation methods appropriate and if not, what suggestions would you make for improvement? 10. Is the company effectively using their sales force? What improvement can be made to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency? 11. How do the salespeople add value to the customers? 12. Does the company deal directly with the customer or do they sell to a middleman? How are those relationships different from each other? 13. Does the company employ equal territories? If no, how do they design their territories, or how should they design their territories? 14. What benefit would ongoing training offer the sales force? 15. Is the firm using the appropriate selling strategies, and if not, how can this be improved? 16. Write a job description for a sales job for the company. 17. Is management providing the necessary tools and leadership for the sales force to be a success, and if not, what can be done to improve the situation? 18. Which of the five bases of power does the company employ, if unknown, which one(s) should they employ? 19. Which of the five influence strategies doe the company employ, if unknown, which one(s) should they employ?


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