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Dear Teacher i am sending you a zip folder of my a...




Dear Teacher i am sending you a zip folder of my assessments( risk management) with one pdf file of answers too.. please use that answers in preparation of my assessment it will make your job quick and easy because i need my answers ASAP .. its my humble request Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher i am looking forward for the relevant answers, i am already scared from the thought of not getting my answers because of other tutor replied me late and cancelled my assessment due to lack of knowledge in this topic.. hope i will get my answers on time .. thanks Regards Rajbir singh,thanks teacher,Dear Teacher thanks for informing me Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher Hi .. hope you fine with my assessment so far because tomorrow is my last date of submission Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher well i need all 3 parts, if you not willing to complete then its sad for me because you already accepted my assessment and i have no time now .. and there is no word limit except the very 1st question of assessment 1 is mention(4oo words) and for other questions i just need relevant answers.. and on the top of that i send you another "pdf" file of the answers too to make your job quick and easy.. i hope i will get my answers soon .. Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher. Oki 20 hours .. Hope I will get my answer soon Regards. Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher this is very shocking for me till now because these are not my answers .. very first party of my assessment is a project report (theory) and partb of assessment 1 is roll play and assesment 2 is something els.. could you please make me understand what asweres you send to me.. bcoause there is no any asweres fro assessment 1 question 1 to 4.. and assessment 2 complete Regards rajbir singh,Dear Teacher looking forward for correct answeres Regards Rajbir singh,DEAR Teacher i need simple solution in points and a simple theory nothing critical Regards Rajbir Singh,dear Teacher i just want to knew that how much time you will need for answering my questions? Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher I am still waiting for your reply upon that how much more time it will take? Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher i am disappointed by not clarified answers given by you and its too late for me now and i deserve my money back at least thanks Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher could you please make me understand which one is the answer of assessment 2 .. i didn't understand yet Regards Rajbir singh,Dear Teacher right now i only need assessment 2nd by 16 march 2012 please don't bother about assessment 1st both parts Thanks Regards Rajbir singh


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