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hELLO , READ THE CASE then answer the 3 q as a r...




hELLO , READ THE CASE then answer the 3 q as a report not in q and answer . provide 3 pages dubble spase plus exhabit,THANKS,this class for business Ethics are you familiar with this assignment if you accept my assignment ?,thanks,thanks so much,this is an important guide line to clarify the case just read it . Guidelines for Case Analysis in Business Ethics Ethical case analysis follows the same general outline but differs from a regular business school approach. Both look to the managerial skills of diagnosis, investigation, and decision-making. The ethical analysis demands more reasoned justification on the basis of normative theory ? that is, based on issues of what is good, right, just and fair. You will generally need to persuade your audience on grounds other than cost/benefit alone. Real life issues are complex and we often deal in partial knowledge of the whole situation. At the same time, decisions still need to be made and there is a risk that people will be hurt as a consequence. In many cases, it is not so much a question of right against wrong, but more, which is the course of action that is least wrong. The following steps will be important: 1. Know the facts and the situation. a. Who are the key actors? b. What happened? c. What was the context? d. Who knew what and when did they know it? 2. What indications were there that there was a problem? a. Are there other problems that suggest an underlying cause? 3. Who are the primary and secondary stakeholders in the case? 4. What are the interests of the stakeholders? a. When do they converge? b. When do they conflict? 5. What theoretical models are appropriate in this case? 6. How would you apply the models? 7. What are the most likely objections? 8. How would you convince an objector of the merits of your recommendation? 9. What action steps should be (or should have been) taken? 10. What is the criterion of success in this case? (How would you know you did the right thing?),use simple world to easy to understand and write as international student , do not write complex worlds .,, HELLO, just remember that The case analysis should be in the form of a report ( not a question and answer format,THANK YOU PROVIDE brife summary first, then analyze the case thanks,hello do not forget to add Exhabits i will send u some example,there r four Exhabits in the case make sure includ it,is tis assignment a litter from prison ? i have sent many assignment just to make sure,about the exhabits Exhibits should contain specific types of analyses (e.g., application of a framework, table of comparisons, cost analysis, and competitive features) and information (e.g., web page of firm) that supports and is relevant, but would be too detailed for the body of the paper.,thank for the work put can you add the Exhabits in the paper i do not know how to put them . thank u,hello, thanks but i do not want the screen in the exhabits do u have other idea how to add them without the screen thanks,thanks,hello , did u put the exhabits ?,"please answer me as soon as possible it is due tomorow "


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