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The Expert Tutor on Course Hero answered: We can only answer your free 3 questions one at a time. You have two options to get your questions answered: Re-submit your questions individually here: OR We can answer all of the questions you submitted at once for $20. Please re-submit using the form below. Please resubmit your questions below. Answer all 6. i will pay 20$ for all of them. thanks you here are questions again. answer questions using attached file. QUESTIONS. 1. Evaluate the overall performance and fi nancial structure of Pearson Air Conditioning & Service. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses in this fi rm's management of accounts receivable and inventory? 3. Should the fi rm reduce or expand the amount of its bank borrowing? 4. Evaluate Pearson's management of accounts payable. 5. Calculate Pearson's cash conversion period. Interpret your computation. 6. How could Pearson Air Conditioning & Service improve its working-capital situation?,So now when i resubmit and added my credit card you will answer all of them??,would you be able to be done by 8:30-9:00PM??? thanks


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