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Hello! I have attached a word document. After revi...




Hello! I have attached a word document. After revieing the transcript, please determine the issue this company is facing. The issue I identifed is the company needs to identify the reason for "Customer complaints & returns." Now it's my job to determine a solution for this company in resolving or trying to figure out the best possible solution to address this issue. The word count is about 200, but I will accept 100-150 words. Also can we insert a nice flowchart. The key is process & improvement! Thank you!,Keep in mind, in evaluating current processes or proposed changes to them, flow charts are a very important tool. As the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" implies, often a "picture" of the process can quickly reveal inefficiencies and unnecessary steps in the way things are done. Some of the major difficulties in flow charting existing processes are in defining the boundaries of the process (what to include) and in deciding how much detail to include in the flow chart. In the attched document the process improvement team is confronted with just such a challenge as they address the customer service process. As you watch, ask yourself what advice you would give the team to help solve their problem.


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