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Hi, I need your help agan. Individual Report Assignment: Communication barriers and how the lack of knowledge can impede growth of a business globally Research Method: Juried Journal Article Review Use MLA guideline to format the formal report Juried Journal Article Review. "Juried" research appears in journals where a panel of experts decides which articles appear in print and make editing suggestions. "Research" refers to articles that are reporting research studies. Do not include opinion pieces, essays, or book reviews (even if they appear in juried journals). For this assignment, you will prepare a one-page review of a juried article. The review must appear in the appendices of your report (e.g., Appendix C: Juried Journal Articles' Review). To review this article, write a summary of it in your own words. This summary should include the problem statement and the key points in the article's conclusion. Do not copy the abstract! If you select an appropriate juried journal article, it should have information that is useful to your team members in writing their assigned chapter. That means, the article will be quoted or paraphrased in at least one chapter and should be included in the works cited/references list. This also means you must communicate with your team members and send them pertinent quote(s) that might be useful as they write their assigned chapter. Think of the readers of your report also; with this appendix item, they would learn more about the research you found on your topic and they may want to refer to that research, since it provides more information about the study than you cover in your report. This is an added benefit of your report.


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