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Change management subject , Diagnosis essay (Only the body with 2400-2500 words) for telstra Co. or any other known mid-sized to big sized organisation? (The structure of body will be forwarded) Task: Choose a medium to large organisation that you are familiar with. Diagnose it from a multi-frame perspective. Identify its main problems and opportunities and make specific recommendations for change. State why you are recommending those particular change interventions and how you would proceed with their implementation. Use the change management theory from the literature to justify your recommendations and your implementation process. Content: -Organisational diagnosis -Use of multiframing -Identification of main problems and opportunities -Recommendations for change -Justification of recommendations -Appropriateness of the proposed -solutions/interventions -Implementation process -Justification of proposed implementation process -Insights into change management reflected through -analysis, synthesis & critical reasoning -Overall quality of the arguments put in support of the conclusions reached -Engagement with the change management literature (breadth/depth of relevant reading reflected in the paper) Presentation: -Layout -Structure (introduction, arguments, conclusion) -Style (written expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation) -In-text citation ibliographic referencing Thanks,Hi Rachel, The price which you offered befor (200$) i was willing to deposit but unfortunatly it was out of my limit as i am student, thanks for your undrestanding and accepting the new offer. I will send you the structure of the body at australia`s night time (tonight). (the current time here is 11:00 a.m right now),It has to be a famouse organisation as well as, airlines, big supermarkets like coles and west farmers, Ikea, telephone companies for example Telstra,Vodafone. Also preferely an organisation within australia. Regards,we have to analys the changes that they have already undergone within Max. 5 years time interval, find key problems in four organisational frames such as structural,political,Human resource and cultural and also recommand ways to fix those problems and or creat new opportunities in mentioned frames. each frame needs 5-7 problem same as recommandation of us which is proven in litretures. each frame is in seprate paragraph. tonight i will send you a table which diagnosis questions that we have to creat (5-7) in each frame highlighting the problems and recommandations. also i will send you a sample to structure which we have to follow in the essay body paragraphs. hopefully it will help for better undrestanding of the assignment. regards,Hi Rachel, here is a sample of paragraph and some information about format and details needed in the assignment.thanks Regards,1- Should set a time frame in the organisation ( max. 4 years ). 2- Diagnosis from multi frame perspectives .( H.R, Cultural, Political, Structural) 3- Example for frames diagnosis: Structural: Is it divisional structure, is it matrix structure, is it self directed team, is it self management teams, what are benefits and disadvantages of the structure there in. Merges and take overs or aquestion downsizing. and ... Political : how do you enrol key stock holders in change? who are the key stuck holders in change? and ... H.R : Industrial relation, job analysis, job design, recoupment selection, training and development, mentoring, performance management, ... Cultural : .... 4- (4-7) questions which each introduces a problem and opportunities in each frame. ( all together 30-40 questions) 5- two tables needed as below for related problems and opportunities to the created questions. Cultural problems 1 2 3 4 .... Cultural opportunities H.R problems H.R. opportunities 1 2 3 4 .... political problems 1 2 3 4 .... political opportunities 6- in the essay body : Problems and why and opportunities.(2 pages) recommendations to over come the problems or create new opportunities and advantages as well as disadvantages or our recommendations. What are the key problems and opportunities (2-3 ). 7- Structure of paragraphs orders: 1st - problems and opportunities for 4 frames of change ( 2 pages). 2nd- paragraph on structural change that identifies key problems and opportunities. (2-3) recommendations to over come problems or create new opportunities for structural change. 3rd - same for H.R. 4th- same for cultural change that identifies problems and opportunities. 5th- same for political that causes problems and opportunities. 8- Example for a paragraph : 1rst- This paragraph will examine the structural problems X and opportunities Y conforming Z company from ( 4 years time frame) . Brown (2005), claims that X is a problem because it causes Y within the change process. Merging two cultures such as - Z1 company and Z2- is a problem because it results in company managers been given priority over the Z2 company in driving the growth strategy leading to decrease in staff moral and increase in absenteeism and staff turnovers of Z1 personnel. Where -Author name-(year), argues that the key opportunities confronting Z1 and Z2 as a result of structural change is likely result in ....... In addition -Author-(year), also argues that key structural opportunities resulting from the merger is likely to be ...... In conclusion the key problem confronting Z1 takeover from Z2 is .... and the key opportunity is .... 2nd- This paragraph will outline a set of structural recommendations in response to overcoming X and creating opportunities Y. -author-(year), argues that the key actions to overcome problem X is Y that results in ....(cause and effect outcome , increase or decrease in ..). - 2 problems and 2 opportunities in a paragraph-. In addition, -author-(year), recommends that by implementing actions A,B and C that opportunity of sharing in decision making and promoting merit over seniority and can lead to an organisation performance and in staff retention. In conclusion, the core key recommendations to be implemented to overcome problem A are ...... ( advantages and disadvantages or our recommendations).,As in the assignment task it is not specified or limited about the company that we have to choose, i think Titan will be OK as long as we can write about it, but i can only confirm with the teacher this Thursday. Soon,i will forward you some example of questions which we have to create as well to make the job easier and more clear.( regarding to No.4 in the document which i just sent you before )-30 to 40- questions that we have to create. Regards,DELL computers i think would be the best option .thanks Also the structure that i sent you before should be followed please.the teacher is sensitive. also today he asked to have measured examples for each frame of change.(in the paragraphs). and if its possible for you, after finishing the essay let me know about the questions which the essay covered please. i will also send you some question sample which is an example to know what type of information is needed in the essay, it might help for better understanding the task.,Also he mentioned that structural frame is mostly about key stockholders that should be involved and .... i hope this helps also.,examples for telstra , 1- how much additional price should telstra nagotiate with federal Gov. to be a sale provider and maintenance of the system ? 2- should telstra retain telephone boxes as part of his bussiness strategy? 3- should telstra take a hard or softer change management nagosiation with federal Gov.? 4- who should be the team to nagosiate with federal Gov.? 5- should telstra engage in horizontal or vertical gross strategy? 6- is the board and CEO responsive to new technological change within the sector? 7- what are the new and emergent job roles and responsibilities in telstra? 8- what are telstra recuitment requirement in years 2004-2010? 9- what are new and emergent technology that are reuire skill development within the sector? 10- shoult telstra reduce fixed operation cost? if yes in what area 11- what are redundent job roles and resposibilities within telstra? 12- what downsizing should occure 2004-2008 ? if yes how much and in which area? 13- what train and development programms should be provided for new personel of upskills for existing employees? 14- what are current and future job roles in telstra? 15- how should H.R in telstra identify current and future job roles? 16- how should H.R identify redundent jobs roles for downsizing? 17- how telstra intend to upskill it existing work force?External and internal training 18- what future larg infrastructure projects is telstra likely to be involved in? Thanks,it has to be around 40 questions which the essay has to cover and questions are not included in the essay but if u can provide me sepreat just to know if he asked me about please. thanks


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