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Joe Doodlebug is a strange sort of imaginary bug t...




Joe Doodlebug is a strange sort of imaginary bug that can - and cannot - do certain things. He has been jumping all over the place, getting some exercise, when his master places a pile of food 3 inches directly west of him. Once he sees this food, Joe stops in his tracks facing north. He notes the pile of food is a little larger than he is. After all this exercise, Joe is very hungry and wants to get the food as quickly as he can. Joe examines the situation and then says, "Darn it, I'll have to jump four times to get the food." Joe is a smart bug, and he is dead right in his conclusion. Why do you suppose Joe Doodlebug has to take four jumps to reach the food? The solution takes into account five rules: a. Joe can jump in only four directions: north, south, east, and west. He cannot jump diagonally (northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest). b. Once Joe starts in any direction, he must jump four times in that same direction before he can change his direction. c. Joe can only jump. He cannot crawl, fly, or walk. d. Joe can jump very large distance or very small distances, but not less than 1 inch per jump. e. Joe cannot turn. He always faces north.


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