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While I don't want to specify an actual length for...




While I don't want to specify an actual length for your discussion question response, I would STRONGLY encourage you to provide detail, rationale and substance to your response (at least 200 words). What I DON'T want to see is you just copy material from the text OR from an outside source, such as the Internet, BUT especially NOT from Wikipedia as it is NOT a reliable source, especially for college-level work. While I do require that you use the concepts learned from the text as well as from outside sources, I want your response in YOUR OWN words! You are required to use both the text and outside sources (a minimum of two [2]) for compiling your response to the Discussion Question. These sources must be both cited and referenced per APA format. NOTE: ? As there are two (2) Discussion Questions for this week, are required to cite and reference the text and a minimum of two (2) outside sources for each question! ? Remember, you must also cite the sources used in your Discussion Question posting as well as in your peer responses, and provide the page number(s) where you obtained your information from the text. ? The week 5, 6, & 8 Discussion Questions will be completed as a team effort. Your instructor will divide the class into teams and appoint a Team Leader for each team. A different Team Leader will be appointed for each of these three weeks. You will be required to submit your inputs to the assigned Discussion Question to your Team Leader in a timely manner to allow the leader adequate time to compile the inputs into a response for the team and meet the Thursday night deadline. See more detailed information in the week 5, 6, & 8 week Discussion Question areas. A listing of all the weekly Discussion Questions is also available in the Doc Sharing Area of the course. BOOK for the Course is Strategic Management and Business Policy, Thomas L. Wheelen and J. David Hunger: ISBN 978-0-13-215322-5 Week 1 Discussion Questions 1: What is meant by a hierarchy of strategy? 2: Please discuss, in detail, what you think constitutes a good corporate strategy and why? Week 2 Discussion Question a. Explain in detail why corporate governance fails. b. List some of the "indulgences" other than golden parachutes and poison pills (which are given to managers by the BOD) some managers have given to themselves. c. What do you think should be a reasonable spread between the earnings of a firm's CEO and its lowest paid hourly workers and why? Provide your detailed explanation on this volatile issue. I expect for you to suggest a reasonable spread, using either a dollar amount or percentage amount, and to not simply tell me that it isn't possible to do so! Week 3 Discussion Question What can a corporation do to: 1) Obtain information about strategic environmental factors; 2) Ensure that information about strategic environmental factors gets to the attention of strategy makers; and 3) That those strategy makers use that information as appropriate? A detailed response is required. Week 4 Discussion Question Please describe, in detail, how the resource-based overview or attitude for a firm helps explain competitive advantage for that firm.


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