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Read the case study and prepare a marketing strategy outline. To extend its international presence, Martinetti International has formed an expansion strategy focused on acquiring other like enterprises outside the European region. Martinetti is a subsidiary of a publicly owned parent company, and is based in Rome, where it enjoys an established brand name and reputation. As part of its globalization strategy, Martinetti acquired Sand Coast Resort Group located in the heart of Chinatown, Singapore. Both hotel enterprises share common business values, excellent reputation, and offer high-end luxury accommodations for local businessmen and international travelers. The acquisition offers Martinetti ownership of the Sand Coast brand, trademarks, and contracts for Sand Coast?s nine hotel holdings. With this acquisition, Martinetti gains a footprint in Southeast Asia and expands its holdings by 27%. Sand Coast has strong brand recognition in the region and a portfolio that includes both hospitality services and travel agencies. Martinetti is a cross-culture organization, comprising approximately 65% Italians and other employees from seven countries. San Coast also has a cross-cultural workforce with 88% Singaporeans of Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnicity, whose official language is Chinese. As a member of the Martinetti management team, you have been asked to prepare a presentation to the Sand Coast Resort leadership team on Martinetti's approach to acquisition. The goal of this presentation will be to convince the Sand Coast team that Martinetti has a sound strategic communications plan. First, you need to prepare an outline for your presentation, one that addresses: The company's promotional goals The cultural factors that need to be considered Recommended promotional strategies Include Martinetti's plan to mitigate cultural barriers, country differences, and global advertising issues. 1. Introduction: Present an assessment of issues related to the marketing and promotion of the acquisition of Sand Coast Resorts 2. Promotional Goals: Identify specific objectives related to the promotion of Martinetti?s acquisition of Sand Coast. Also identify specific objectives related to informing potential customers of new capabilities and offerings of Martinetti resulting from the acquisition. 3. Media Plan: Analyze media availability in Singapore to determine cost-efficient methods of communicating with potential customers within Singapore and worldwide. 4. Promotional Strategy: Compare the benefits of push and pull promotions for acquiring new customers at Martinetti and Sand Coast. What will Martinetti have to do to increase the customer body at Sand Coast? How will Martinetti need to adapt its promotional goals and media plan when considering cultural or legal factors? 5. Recommendations and Summary: Draw conclusions about the material you have outlined. Explain how you will use your findings to convince the Sand Coast team that Martinetti has a sound strategic communications plan.,Word file will be just fine! :),No set word count! :),This looks you have any resources you used for it? :)


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