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Read the attached case and answer the below questi...




Read the attached case and answer the below questions in 700 to 1,050 words. Summarize the facts of the case. ? What is at risk for the seller, for the buyer, and in general? ? What was the outcome? Provide an explanation of the issues in the case using international law. ? Had the buyer breached by not obtaining the letter of credit? ? Had the seller breached? ? Was the contract avoided? ? Was the buyer entitled to lost profits? ? Had the buyer failed to mitigate? ? How may these risks be minimized?,Sorry i forgot to attach the documnet. Here is the case. Thanks!,You did not meet the minimum word requirement of 700 words. How am i supposed to pay for this assignment when you did not even meet the Minimum?,At this point it is null, the assignment was not done to my satisfaction and i will not be accepting it. The deadline has already passed. Therefore i will not be accepting any additional data for this assignment.


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