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Hi Rachel, I was given a couple days more to compl...




Hi Rachel, I was given a couple days more to complete this assignment, please let me know if you can help me, and please advise if you dont understand ASAP. there are a few things that I need you to be concern about in writing this 4-5 page paper: Please include running head: title on first page and then title on other pages, don't use we,I,your,etc in papers, they need to be written in third person. All periods go after citation, references should be centered and not include a colon, and lastly the references are not properly listed, these were just a few comments from the last papers, thanks for helping me out. Rachel, the other thing is that this paper that you are now writing for me is a continuation of the first two papers that you wrote for me, the first one was DOCX 6297658 and the second the other paper was docx 6311705, if this does not help you to find the previous ones, please let me know. but basically, this is just a follow up paper and it is all part of a marketing plan, the product is something that we made up, not something that is already on the market. please see attachment below for rubric for paper, and please let me know if you will like me to send you the prior papers, thanks for helping.


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